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Updated: Sep 14

With three tracks left to debut, Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here takes centre stage today, based on M.C. Schmidt's unsettling Short Fiction contribution. Our trailer also debuted Credit Crawl, now available to listen below. Later this month, we'll unveil Rotten Roof, another track that runs alongside our comic strip "Desert Drive", before the final track reveal based on another Short Fiction feature included in The Needle Drops... Volume One. But let's not get ahead of ourselves: let's talk Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here, from the mind of mvrlok.

Yet to hear the other tracks? Listen to each over on our Soundcloud. Our Urhi Supporter's scheme nets you access to high-quality downloads of each track, and supports both mvrlok and our publishing project directly.

"...it's that post-advert slow trickle of film, popcorn in hand, as the chatter ceases and blood starts to pump: what horrors to come? Is my phone turned off?"

Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here

"The Theme trails to its conclusion, but we're right back in the viscera; the dark tale of Hell is Empty... provides the perfect excuse for a sickly explosion of noise, as all senses are encapsulated in flame. It also weaves in elements inspired directly from my readings of M.C. Schmidt's incredible story; whispers of a preacher and the allure of passivity..."

Listen to 'Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here' on Soundcloud

Credit Crawl + The Needle Drops... Theme (Long Play Mix)