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After debuting a selection of tracks in March, we return with yet more of our seminal horror score - crafted during many sleepless nights by mvrlok. Today, we present Tip of the Cap and Epilogue, the full flow of the latter half of the album, and you can delve a little further with a curated Spotify playlist that pays tribute to the vast catalogue of inspiration available within the genre.

If you've yet to listen to the Theme, you can find it here. Below, we focus on brand-new Tip of the Cap and Epilogue. Our Urhi Supporter's scheme nets you access to high-quality downloads of each track, and supports both mvrlok and our publishing project directly.

"It celebrates a bittersweet victory in a world where winners are merely those still left alive, no matter their character or the cost of it all."

Tip of the Cap

"The show's over, folks! Riding from the highs of Feast, Tip of the Cap is one final hurrah as you process the horrors witnessed in the closing moments of the illustrated comic strip, Desert Drive. It celebrates a bittersweet victory in a world where winners are merely those still left alive, no matter their character or the cost of it all. Such is the world beneath the needle."

Listen to 'Tip of the Cap' on Soundcloud


"The theatre is bustling, the credits mask all in the low-light of projection. You made it to the end, and everything is as it should be... or is it? Insidious things await as the lights rise and you filter, renewed, into the garish outside world of popcorn-treaded foyers. Until next time, stranger."

Listen to 'Epilogue' on Soundcloud

There's more to come from mvrlok, with two contributors taking the remaining slots as they frame the soundtrack into a cohesive whole, best experienced with headphones in-between the pages of the final published print. More on how we'll incorporate this into our digital formats soon...

mvrlok Recommends

"Roughly 3am, a Saturday (Sunday?), I'm tap, tap, tapping away on the recesses of Spotify, desperate for a post-midnight lull of synths and soundscapes. This is one of such playlist creations - modified from my own for your listening pleasure. It was tucked away somewhere within my brain, inevitably crawling into the light come my invitation to work on The Needle Drops... Turn off the lights and indulge. It's good for the soul."

Track Listing:

  1. Credit Crawl

  2. The Needle Drops... Theme

  3. ???

  4. Rotten Roof

  5. ???

  6. Feast

  7. Tip of the Cap

  8. Epilogue

"Hmph, one final treat. Tear through the latter half of the album with my long play mix below. The greatest approximation of what you can expect from the finished OST..."

Listen to 'Feast / Tip of the Cap / Epilogue (Long Play)' on Soundcloud

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The Soundtrack is available for download to Urhi Supporters as they release, and you can pre-order the Limited Edition of the publication today, containing a full soundtrack CD and more. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Until then.


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