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*We're positively thrilled at the volume of submissions for The Needle Drops... Volume One over the past few weeks. We prefer an approach where we can fully digest our submissions and get back in touch with each and everyone of you. Thus, submissions are temporarily closed - don't worry, there will be another opportunity to submit before the closing date of the 1st May 2021. If you'd like to be notified, click here.


We’re committed to highlighting authors and talent whom bring a perspective other than the dominant heteronormative cis-white experience. Thus, e-mail submissions are still open via urhipublishing@gmail.com for those from underrepresented communities.

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Gain access to our Press Pack, including wallpapers, cover art, logos, the Official Soundtrack and further insight into the art & design of The Needle Drops...

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Read our blog posts first, and peek behind the curtain with behind-the-scenes looks, Q&As, and select flash fiction.

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Be the first to see the 'Prologue' panels of the comic introduction featured in The Needle Drops... Volume One.

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Pre-order The Needle Drops... with a one time 10% discount code to save on all formats of the publication.

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More exclusive content to come, including a named credit in the first Volume of The Needle Drops... and exclusive voting power on the future of the publication.

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