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Gain access to our Press Pack, including wallpapers, cover art, logos, the Official Soundtrack and further insight into the art & design of The Needle Drops...*

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Read our blog posts first, and peek behind the curtain with behind-the-scenes looks, Q&As, and select flash fiction.**

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See the 'Prologue' panels of the comic introduction featured in The Needle Drops... Volume One.

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More exclusive content to come, including a named credit in the first Volume of The Needle Drops... and exclusive voting power on the future of the publication.

*Currently available for download in our Supporters' Portal as of September 2021:

Design Materials (cover art, logos, banners): A Cottage in Autumn = Hypostasis = What Remained of Stanley = WING = Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here = Deep Blue Dream = Peach, Love & Harmony = Roadkill - Snow Day -  Pandora 4 = Fleeting, Fleeing into the Night = Keeper = Bare Your Neck, Show Your Teeth = Deadname - The Needle Drops... Volume One

Exclusive Early Access**: Beneath the Needle Q&A series 14-day early access - "Desert Drive" (Illustrated by Thom Simpson) Part One - Keeper

Original Soundtrack: Desert Drive (Original Mix),  Credit Crawl, The Needle Drops... Theme, Feast, Feast (Original Mix), Tip of the Cap, Epilogue, Feast / Tip of the Cap / Epilogue (Long Play Mix).

**Early Access includes 14-days exclusive access to select Urhi blog features such as our Beneath the Needle Q&A series and select behind-the-scenes features.