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The Needle Drops... Volume One
  • The Needle Drops... Volume One


    Our e-book variant of The Needle Drops... Volume One, available October 12th 2021 in .pdf.



    A cannibal DJ revels in the wasteland, his radio show a desperate attempt to connect with a dying world. 

    These yarns were spun and passed onto him from a time before; his memory an opaque lens into generation’s lost. 

    These cautionary tales may no longer apply to the everyday survival of those still left with beating hearts, but the few still left all know that they are far better off in the cruel wastes of this new world -- alone -- than within the stories told by waning breath, 

    beneath the crushing drop of the needle…


    Includes "DESERT DRIVE" illustrated by Thom Simpson & an ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK from the mind of mvrlok, alongside fiction from:


    Alex De-Gruchy, Drew Martyn, Sofia Ezdina, Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin, Janina Arndt, Marina & Sergey Dyachenko, Anatoly Belilovsky, Avra Margariti, M.C. Schmidt, Dennis Mombauer, Raistlin Skelley, John Grey, AN Grace, Russell Dorn, Gustavo Bondoni, Melissa Bobe, Ali Seay, Emily Dorffer, Robert Bagnall, Amanda Jane, Allison Louise Miller, Mark Mills, Illimani Ferreira, Andrew M. Bowen, Lena Ng, T. Williams, V. Astor Solomon, Anya Josephs and Timi Sanni.

    SKU: TND005
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