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Updated: May 4

At Urhi, we welcome submissions from published and unpublished authors from all backgrounds and walks of life. As we feature various series' built around certain core concepts, we ask that you take these into consideration before submission - however, we consider all genres and are forward-thinking in nature. As in the core principles of our various series', we seek writing that sheds new light to our readers, enabling them to explore new worlds and perspectives in both fantastical and grounded settings. The best art we produce comments on our identities and surroundings, and enables us to develop our thoughts and understanding to new heights. Our publications strive to capture such spirit. Elevate us, and share thrilling stories of horror and romance, betrayal and bloodlust. Wherever you go regarding genre or form, we yearn to read what great works have yet to be read. All inclusions are paid.

Currently, we're in the process of establishing our first publication - The Needle Drops... Whilst we welcome all submissions, currently we are only moving forward with those within the horror genre, to be featured in Volume One releasing in the Summer / Fall of 2021. The preliminary end date for submissions is the 1st of May 2021 [edit: submissions are now closed for The Needle Drops... Volume One]. However, we especially encourage submissions at all times from BIPOC and those from the LGBTQI+ community, as it is important to prioritise underrepresented voices and experiences, especially within the publishing industry - something which has been dominated by the white cis experience.

The Needle Drops... features an illustrated comic strip, original soundtrack, curated design by our in-house team and more. Dive into our blog for more information. Two contributors will have the opportunity to work with our composer on an original soundtrack piece that will feature in the OST, available physically in the Limited Edition of The Needle Drops... as well as digitally via our Urhi Supporter scheme.

Once we receive your work, our editing team will take it onboard, considering how it could be placed in our current roster, and whether it is the right fit for us. If we are ready to collaborate, we will then get in touch, detailing the next steps on the process of publication. In the spirit of collaboration, all of our contributors get access to our Design Document and all the relevant behind-the-scenes detail, including the Urhi Supporter scheme. They'll also have the opportunity to participate in a tailored Q&A, and will have various branding elements crafted for their submissions by our dedicated designers, as well as featured blog posts as seen here.

Please ensure to check a few simple boxes below to make the process of getting involved as smooth as possible.

Guidelines & Conditions

Elevate us, and share thrilling stories of horror and romance, betrayal and bloodlust. Wherever you go regarding genre or form, we yearn to read what great works have yet to be read.
  • Please submit a maximum of two pieces for consideration at any one time, with a suitable gap between submissions.

  • Submissions must not have been published previously, with appropriate leeway provided on self-publication.

  • Whilst we aim to include works from across the globe, and are interested in potentially expanding into other languages in the future, currently we can only accept submissions in English.

  • We accept simultaneous submissions, but appreciate swift notice on acceptance elsewhere.

  • Submissions are welcome all year round, unless otherwise stated. Currently, submissions are closed whilst we move into the next phases of production on The Needle Drops... Volume One.


  • Poetry: no minimum, experimental style and form welcome.

  • Flash Fiction: no minimum, 1500 word maximum.

  • Short Fiction: no minimum, 5000 word maximum.

  • Accepted File Formats: .doc, .docx, .odt, .rdf, .pdf