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Updated: May 2, 2021

Lost somewhere amongst the sickly haze of a post-apocalyptic Arizona desert, a cannibal DJ tells twisted tales from a world long past, musing and sharing his alluring midnight pulp to the few survivors still left alive...

The Needle Drops... is our first published series' centred around a cannibal DJ's obsession with the macabre. Passers-by trail between the dust and mites of post-apocalyptic Arizona, whilst our host indulges in his signature after-dark radio show, unleashing his love of horror stories from a world long past.

So where quite are we headed this eve? To the boneyard? The executive suite? All the same to me and the devils y’all about to meet. Either way, you’ll find out here, when the needle drops…

Inspired by such anthologies as Creepshow and Black Mirror, The Needle Drops... blends various niche horror genres penned by a spectrum of talented authors with their own terror to share, held together by an illustrated comic strip featuring the aforementioned cannibal DJ.

Keeper by J R Higgins

With submissions open and more details coming soon, follow us across social media to stay in the loop as the project begins to fully form.

It is vital for us to include a wide range of authors, artists and designers from many different backgrounds, so please do not hesitate to submit to us. You can find our Submission Guide here. Any inclusion in publications will be paid, and pre-orders for our first issue will open in the coming months, aiming for a Summer 2021 release across several different formats.


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