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Updated: May 2, 2021

Continuing from our previous feature announcing our OST, we're excited to debut two new tracks, Desert Drive (exclusively available to Urhi Supporters) & Feast.

Whilst The Needle Drops... Theme attempts to evoke the synth-laden horror scores of John Carpenter, Desert Drive paints a far bleaker, ominous image of a man driving down the empty highways of a distant post-apocalypse. Smothered in atmosphere, it's the creeping prologue of the anthology - the calm before the storm.

"Smothered in atmosphere, it's the creeping prologue of the anthology - the calm before the storm."

Utilising oppressive orchestral elements such as a cello, violin and French horn, its repetitious piano personifies the long drive - and the horrors of the destination that lays in wait, just past the horizon. Taking inspiration from the slow burn scores of Jóhann Jóhannsson, it attempts to create that unsettling notion of being lost in your own thoughts as anxiety extends into the unknown ahead.

Listen to 'Desert Drive' on Soundcloud

Blended into the soundscape, a keen listener may hear the chimes of a FM radio, lost in static as well as subtle synths returning from our theme.

The second track we're debuting today is Feast - an embodiment of our fabled cannibal DJ as he enters a frenzy - of hunger. One of the heaviest pieces on our OST, it utilises an electric guitar and several drum beats to create an intensity intoxicating to the listener.

Featuring sound samples to further illustrate the character in question, Feast is frantic, exciting and builds to a tumultuous conclusion on the latter half of the record. Once you've ingested our comic strip (more on that later), we hope you'll have a deeper appreciation of the parallels found in our score.

Listen to 'Feast' on Soundcloud

The soundtrack aims to be a cohesive work, with what we've shared being only the beginning. We can't wait to share more as we finalise the master.

Track Listing:

  1. Desert Drive

  2. The Needle Drops... Theme

  3. Keeper

  4. Rotten Roof

  5. ???

  6. Feast

  7. Tip of the Cap / Epilogue

Some with a keen eye may notice the illustration present on the covers. Whatever could this mean? Soon, you'll learn more about The Art of The Needle Drops... exclusive to our Supporters' Portal for the first 14 days.

Listen to 'The Needle Drops... Theme' on Soundcloud

You can download versions of each track directly on our Supporters' Portal, available here if you're yet to check it out.

Don't forget to follow us across social media and subscribe to our newsletter to keep in the loop. And submissions are open - with the opportunity to work with the composer on your very own track for your short piece.

Until then.


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