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Updated: May 2

In the second of our Q&A features, we talk to contributor Amanda Jane about all the little ways poetry manifests itself in our day-to-day lives, its therapeutic nature as a form of self-expression, and the thrills of getting published. Falling Icicle and A Night to Remember can be found in The Needle Drops... Volume One.

Amanda Jane has recently made the leap into the publishing world.

It began with sharing poetry amongst a small circle of friends - this, however, didn't quite satisfy the urge, so Amanda Jane developed a certain passion toward the idea of sharing her poetry with a wider audience. Amanda yearned for her work to be published, but was terrified of the unknown experience. In February 2021, she decided to start contacting publishers -- never thinking for a minute that her work would be accepted and that the very first month would be such a success.

So, Amanda - was this foray into poetry something you feel was bubbling for a long time, or an entirely new experience for you?

From a young age I had an interest in writing stories and drama. Whilst I was in middle school, Friday afternoons were a time to share creative projects, and with the support of my peers, we would act out my recent performance. I would often write conversation using rhyme. When both merged, I was left with some beautiful results.

How did you go about approaching the publication process? Did you dive in headfirst, or research to your heart’s content?

I did a lot of research and I still do, I think it is important to research as much as possible. I researched many publishers online and found some useful groups on Facebook. I also started studying an online course which also introduced me to potential publishers.

Both Falling Icicle and A Night to Remember provide stark imagery that provokes thought by unsett