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Updated: May 2, 2021

During lockdown, Amanda Jane (based in West Yorkshire, England) feared for her mental health and felt that her memory was deteriorating. Always having had a remarkable memory until now, Amanda knew she had to exercise her mind, and put this into practice by writing poetry.

Falling Icicle and A Night To Remember are the forth & fifth of our announced features, and the first Poetry pieces in Volume One of The Needle Drops... With Poetry, we adore experimental form that visualises our horror aesthetic in stunning stanza. It'll be appropriately incorporated in our signature style & theme.

Amanda Jane first shared her poetry amongst a small circle of friends - but not quite satisfying the urge, she felt a certain passion toward the idea of sharing her poetry with a wider audience. Amanda yearned for her work to be published, but was terrified of the unknown experience. In February 2021, she decided to start contacting publishers -- never thinking for a minute that her work would be accepted and that the very first month would be such a success.

Amanda Jane has experimented with many types of poetry but is yet to find a favourite genre or form. To her surprise, she enjoys writing dark twisted poetry, and has a self-confessed paranoia that is unsettled by the slight noises of the night, huge crowds and - well - cows.

Leading a busy life looking after a teenage son and her husband, Amanda also works part-time at a local college supporting students with learning difficulties. When her memory started to improve, she found herself with a bad habit of staying awake most nights, reciting poetry rather than dreaming - repeating the work to herself before eventually succumbing to sleep. To some, perhaps not the most punctual way of crafting poetry, and she says to try meditation instead.

In the short time since Amanda has been submitting her work, she has had several pieces published. Her recent creditors are OpenDoor Magazine, Journey of the Heart, and Trouvaille Review.

All her published work can be found on her Facebook page.


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