Alex De-Gruchy is a writer (and infrequent singer and actor) whose work has included comic books, videogames, film, short prose fiction, poetry, radio and more. You can find him at and on Twitter at @AlexDeGruchy.

Those Who Come After is, fittingly, the thirteenth of our announced features, a creepy opening to set the scene for our inaugural issue of The Needle Drops... With Poetry, we adore experimental form that visualises our horror aesthetic in stunning stanza. It'll be appropriately incorporated in our signature style & theme.

Alex's work has included radio (Newsjack), videogames (Semispheres), film (Goujon & Sereffina: Through Genius and Out the Other Side), comic books (Nicodemus Flynn), prose fiction (The Day After Charlie Motley Died), and more.

You can get in touch over on his website, where you can explore his various credits and roles across industries, and follow his latest projects.