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An open letter from our founder Josh Higgins, with the latest update on The Needle Drops... Volume One, and when -- and where -- you can get your hands on the final publication, whether physical or digital.

Let's make it official - we're thrilled to finally announce that the complete The Needle Drops... Volume One will release on October 12th 2021, available via direct independent retailers, bookstores and directly from the Urhi store.

'Tis been quite the journey thus far; and we can see the end on the horizon. It feels like the second hour of The Return of the King, or the build-up to festivities and holidays. That part in Gremlins 3 where Gizmo secures his presidency in the White House (come on, Joe!).

Melodrama and jokes aside, let's take a moment to celebrate a selection of our achievements so far:

  • We have a complete, locked-in roster that features a huge variety of stories and voices we're confident will impress (again, thank you for the incredible response we saw from our call for submissions -- over 300 fantastic tales were read and considered for placement in Volume One, and 32 are included in the final roster).

  • Our comic strip, Desert Drive, has been completed and finalised by talented pen & ink artist / illustrator Thom Simpson.

  • We have a plethora of cover art, design work, promotional materials and extra goodies, each handcrafted with only a handful remaining.

  • A collection of behind-the-scenes features and Q&As right here on the