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He’d had to move after the last girl. After his fixation had gotten away from him. He had to watch himself. Control himself. Resist that thing inside him that had suddenly shifted and woken up again.

“I’m Janie, by the way.”

“Adam,” he said, fumbling with the syrup for the drink. He poured it in, a bit too much, and then the peach pieces. He added water. And when she wasn’t looking, he couldn’t help himself. It was a compulsion. No other word for it. He plucked an eyelash off and dropped it in the drink.

Peach, Love & Harmony is the twenty-eighth of the announced features included within the pages of The Needle Drops... Volume One; a delectable cocktail of body horror, manipulation and hidden agendas -- provided by the author of Go Down Hard and To Offer Her Pleasure. With Short Fiction, we explore the various subgenres of horror in creative and unexpected ways.

Adam is like any guy. He just wants love. He didn’t get much from his parents, but he did from Mama Eileen. She loved him so much she taught him her craft. Wonderful magical things.

When Janie shows up at his café, he realizes how special she is. Loving her is easy. And he wants her to love him back. Mama Eileen always told said, “If you love someone, you have to give them a piece of yourself. If you want them to love you, you have to sacrifice.”

In the past, Adam has done his magic wrong and it didn’t turn out very well—for the girls. But Adam has it down now, and he’s going to get Janie to love him. He just has to go slow and give her one little piece at a time...

“If you love someone, you have to give them a piece of yourself. If you want them to love you, you have to sacrifice.”

Ali Seay has written professionally under a pen name for the last 15+ years. Now she's shaken off her disguise to write as herself in the genre she loves the most.

Her debut horror novella Go Down Hard was released in 2020 by Grindhouse Press. Her second novella To Offer Her Pleasure will be published by Weirdpunk Books at the end of summer 2021. Her short works have appeared in The Big Book of Blasphemy, Campfire Macabre, Paranormal Contact, Far From Home, and online at Dread Stone, with more coming in the near future.

Ali lives in Baltimore with her family and a very spoiled geriatric dachshund. She’s a vintage junkie, loves to hunt for 80s pulp horror, and digging through thrift stores for treasures is her favourite pastime. Her greatest desire is to own a vintage Airstream and hit the road.

For more information visit or find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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