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Updated: Sep 1

For our twelfth entry of our Beneath the Needle Q&A series, we (metaphorically) take a seat with V. Astor Solomon, a Short Fiction contributor responsible for the enthralling and important Bare Your Neck, Show Your Teeth, featured in The Needle Drops... Volume One. We talk about this visceral entry, alongside growing up with horror and fiction -- often both intertwined -- tarot, art and short short stories.

tw/cw: passing reference to trauma

V. Astor resides in Kentucky, USA to this day.

V. Astor Solomon is a non-binary, queer, mixed-race, disabled author residing in Kentucky. They are often found writing about dead beings, things that should not be sentient but are, and other strange and possibly deadly creatures. They are also one of those people who can’t pick between cats and dogs, will drink tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and the occasional alcoholic beverage, and is generally a curious magpie more than a person.

They have been published in such outlets as Cast of Wonders and Lamplight, and you can find their full list of credits here.

So, V. Astor - Bare Your Neck, Show Your Teeth is built upon the ‘Final Girl’, which was established by many slasher genre flicks that are beloved by the horror community -- what was your first experience with the trope?

I honestly don’t recall my first experience.

I grew up with horror, my mother and I bonded over horror movies when I was small, so honestly, while the monsters feel like home, the Final Girls were the people I wanted to grow up to be - in certain regards.