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tw/cw: mild flashing images, glitch effect

Tuck in to our promotional trailer and opening title sequence, featuring the full Credit Crawl & The Needle Drops... Theme tracks from our official OST by the mysterious mvrlok.

You may have caught our full roster at the end there, which we're happy to unveil in full today -- more details and Q&As are coming for those you don't yet recognise as a part of TND, along our path to launch day: October 12th 2021. Stay tuned for more announcements by following us across social media, and subscribing to the Mailing List on our homepage @

Volume One includes fiction from:

Janina Arndt

Robert Bagnall

Anatoly Belilovsky

Melissa Bobe

Gustavo Bondoni

Andrew M. Bowen

Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin

Alex De-Gruchy

Emily Dorffer

Russell Dorn

Marina and Sergey Dyachenko

Sofia Ezdina

Illimani Ferreira

AN Grace

John Grey

JR Higgins

Amanda Jane

Anya Leigh Josephs

Avra Margariti

Drew Martyn

Allison Louise Miller

Mark Mills

Dennis Mombauer

Lena Ng

Timi Sanni

M.C. Schmidt

Ali Seay

Raistlin Skelley

V. Astor Solomon

T. Williams

With contributions from:

Thom Simpson


To reiterate what we've said before; it's honestly our pleasure to host such a talented set of creatives, and all this wouldn't be possible without such. We can't wait to debut each and every story of theirs in the finished publication, and hope you share our love and appreciation for the collection on show here.

Until next time.

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